Terms of Use

Your use of the content that is provided on http://www.clipart-4-embroidery.com  means that you are agreeing to the “terms of use”. However if you do not agree to the terms the you should not in any way use any of our services that we provide on http://www.clipart-4-embroidery.com

Clipart-4-Embroidery.com owns all the rights to the artwork on the site and we agree that our designs are all original and not copied from anywhere. We would like to inform you that you are not given the copyright by all means when you purchase art from our site we are only giving you a license to be able to use it. Clipart-4-Embroidery.com allows all purchasers to use the art for anything in which they wish to use it for if being for advertising, articles, or web pages.
When you use our clipart anywhere for any reason, you need to inform us with the place in which it was used at and the link to the place. Also there will be a link to http://www.clipart-4-embroidery.com on all sites owned by the buyer to show where you obtained the art from. If at any point in time you have questions regarding anything to do with our clipart, you can contact us immediately. We will answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge and provide to you excellent service.

Usage Guidelines
You are not allowed to by any means sell or distribute our artwork for any reason as it is our original artwork, unless you add finished designs to them.  Also do not use any of our information you find upon http://www.clipart-4-embroidery.com to create other work. On another note you are allowed to use our artwork for web page designs, scrap books, and personalized graphics.

Our company is not responsible for the clipart images you purchase from our site and load on to web pages, or other types of documents. If you ever feel as if the content that is displayed by http://www.clipart-4-embroidery.com violates the rights you have, this does include all copyrights as well please contact us immediately.

Privacy Policy
Clipart-4-Embroidery.com will always respect your right to your privacy. All the information that you submit to our site will remain private and will not be sent to anyone or given to third parties. We will never for any reason use your personal information for our gain or to share with anyone. We only ask for personal information so we can provide to you the best customer service possible, communication, and to be able to provide to you the types of service you are interested in.

Refund Policy
We cannot provide a refund due to the fact that our artwork can be easily reproduced, however if you have any issues in downloading or using the art in which you purchased please contact our customer service so they can look into the problem and make sure you receive it as soon as possible.